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I send this smile over to you

Mitchell and I just got back from Vietnam 2 days ago... Wow! What a beautiful place. This was the first time i had beenm to a third world country like that, so that part was a bit of an eye opener. But what an awesome place, the landscape, food and culture was so great.

We done a couple of dives, which were really nice (great vis and water temp of about 28 deg!!) but didn't get to see much big stuff (no turtles, rays, sharks etc, apprently the local people have just fished the waters too much) but we saw lots of lovely corals, nudibranches, jelly fish, starfish and small fish. The dive masters were all great and took us out for night on the town after our last dive.

Now I'm in Darwin, spending some time with Mitchell before heading back to Sydney. Yesterday we went to a info night for spouses, at the base. They gave us a whole heap of contact people, phone numbers, mailing addresses and info on what will be happening in Afghanistan. It was kind of releiving to be shown all the support they will be giving to us while our partners are away. Which is good to know seeing as though I will be moving from Sydney to Darwin during he's deployment. Espechially now that it's been confirmed as an 8mnth deployment :o(

I hope you're all great. I'm sure i'll be posting lots of pic's when I get back to Sydney (this internet connection isn't the greatest so i'm not going to attempt uploading now)


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Mar. 16th, 2009 02:11 am (UTC)
Where are you...
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