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With courage let us all combine

The enevitable has happened, Mitchell is being deployed to Afghanistan. He's really excited about it and finally has some job satisfaction. Which makes me feel happy for him (but obviously i'm also worried)

He'll be away for 8 months but doesn't leave until August. I'm mostly upset about the length. 8 months is a long time not to see someone :o( ...atleast we should be glad that he got deployed while we were living apart and not after i had moved up to Darwin with him (8 months by myself after moving across the country would have sucked even more).

Unfortunately, he'll still be overseas when i do move up there, but i'll only be by myself for a month or 2, which is fine.

So he's really enjoying the training they're doing at the moment and hearing the stories from some of our friends that have just got back from Afghanistan. Some of the stories are a bt scarey for me to think about but in all the Aussie soldiers are doing good over their, helping to rebuild the area's, training the Afghan Army to fight the Taliban etc, but i hate the thought of him doing patrols and searches for bombs, IED's etc, but these are all a part of it too.

Everyone gives me this "I'm so sorry" look when they find out his going away and act as if i should be mortified. I'm very glad to hear Mitchell so happy and finally hear him have good things to say about work. I'm also very proud with what he'll be doing. Despite that, i'm sure there a many stressful and worried posts to be made about this in the future!


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May. 7th, 2008 11:23 am (UTC)
Thanks :o)
(and thanks for not doing the "I'm sorry" thing like everybody else)
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